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Hi.. I have a problem I have depression and anxiety.. I can't go into publics without my mom or my brother. I am missing so much school I'm in grade 11 doing grade 10 work. I'm failing. I feel like a failure.. I just get so flustered. I can't sleep or think. And it sucks. Please someone has to be out there that feels the same way as me. Or just some who can help me.

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Ohh i know exactly how you feel it happens with me aswell dont feel like that hun and dont feel like a failure your not a failure stay positive always an do things that make you happy an if you need to talk am here you can talk to me jus message me :)


School counsellor may help if you have one at the school. Make sure your teachers know, a nice one, maybe head of year. It's part of their job to understand and help you. It's common at your age, and for lots of other people, and are there lots of people who can help.

Also you could contact Anxiety UK- (email and online chat is free).

If you get anxiety when you go out on your own you may have social anxiety or agoraphobia. Both these things are very common and can be treated with support. Some people make progress by researching on their own too, so you may want to look into it more yourself. Try to work out the cause. What are the triggers for these feelings? You can discuss these things with friends, counsellors or therapists, or on here.

Good luck!


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