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Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could help me, everytime i sleep or try to sleep my body starts shaking like very bad its like my arms an legs i try to stop it but it doesnt it stresses me out so much an i just feel like crying! Does anyone else hav this? Im only 18 an going through all of this my life has changed so much due to all of these problems.


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  • Hi there ,

    It happened to me a couple of times when I was goingn through a stressful phase in my life. I used to take a hot shower to relax the muscles and it helped . Hope you feel better soon

  • Aww okay yes ive tried alot of things but sometimes it just gets so much out of control but still thank an yes i hope so to x

  • Hi there yes I get this 24/7 day and night makes my whole body aches not clue how to contol it as say down anixery .... X

  • Aww i know its just so scary tbh an it never lets me sleep.

  • I know someone who has involuntary shaking if he does certain exercises or movements. He controls it with betablockers. Is this a regular thing, or stress related do you think? Either way I would suggest consulting your GP and get a proper diagnosis that you are happy with. That might mean changing your GP of course. It doesn't sound to me as though its just anxiety although if you suffer with anxiety anyway it could affect it.

  • Yes i think it would defenitly be better for me to double check properly with the gp to see if theres anything else an thanks :)

  • Hi,

    it has happened to me plenty of times. The key is, if you believe in God, read your Bible, that helps me all the time. The key to overcoming anxiety is to not be afraid of it. Let the symptoms happen or get busy doing something when the symptoms start. You will overcome this situation. Best wishes to you!

  • Yes i will do thank you am sure that will make me feel better an thanks

  • I don't know if this is what you have. I have restless leg syndrome and I know it sounds weird but I take a few sips of pickle juice to make it feel better. Athletes drink pickle juice to keep from cramping in their legs. Give it a shot, it can't hurt you.

  • Oh thank you i will try that ive never heard of that before but will defenitly try it :)

  • Good morning I dealt with something like that. The body when under stress reacts. Especially at night when it is trying to relax it may shake jump. Move you may get dizzy. Feel anxious cry get mad all of the above and it definitely make your condition worse your so young live your life enjoy I'm 40 lol I'm just learning to live life. One year I been to so many doctors appointment that he wanted to phyc me. That was my rock bottom. Just live life the right way. The universe will be yours. Good luck u will be fine

  • Ohh yes i know trust me seriously i cant sleep at night like now im in bed an am jus shaking like mad its mainly my arms ryt now but the rest of the body shakes aswell an yeh lol i know ive still got my whole life ahead of me but these things just worry me so much hope it does get better an thank you good luck to you to hope you feel better aswell x

  • You have to explain this to doctor...please

    Secondly some anti- depressants can cause this in first few did with me until they settled down.

  • I will hopefully i will go to the doctor soon its just wen i go i get nervous i dont no how to talk about my problem its like i just ger really weak.

  • Please do....get someone you trust and understand your problem to go with you and if necessary explain on your behalf....or write it down, even if it is a letter and hand it to the doctor....I always felt it helped if you say to doctor first that you are full of fear and nervous visiting him..he will understand. Do not do what I did...spent years fighting it and believing I could do it on my own...they are years wasted...look for help now...any meds can be short term and could help change your life wishes

  • Awhh bless you i hope your well now an yes thats a really good idea i will write a letter an hopefully the doctor will understand an will be able to help

  • Hi to be honest i hav depression aswell but he doctor says im too young for the tablets yet so i am struggling im only 18 an i feel like i cant go on anymore i feel like am gona give up :( its just so upsetting

  • Hi there, I'm sorry you're feeling like this, is there something on you r mind before you go to sleep that's been bothering you?

  • Hi love to be honest i hav depression its quite severe so all day am thinking about a lot of things i worry very quickly and seriously i was such a jolly person but now i feel all my happiness has gone :( am trying to fight this depression i want my happiness bak i dont want to giv up :(

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