I give up

Can't take this no more! I really can't I ain't getting no better I constantly feel like I'm dying and everyday is my last😩 cbt isn't working! Medcation isn't working what more can I or anyone do!! I feel like I need to be locked up every time I try feel positive there's always something negative I feel useless hopeless it's runined my life n Iv let it I can't shake this feelings of I'm sick n tired


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  • No hunny u wont give up !! I havent i feel horrible awful but i wont and u wont!! Anxiety sucks!! And wont win the battle we will

  • Hunny*

  • your not give up every one has a crappy day good day nights its all in our minds just hard to shake it out all we can do is try

  • Did you see a cardiologist? X

  • Was hoping you may have had some reassurance x

  • I don't feel right 😩. What if I stop breathing? Or just die in my sleep! My cousin just dropped dead at 17 for no reason I kno peoples children that die in there sleep young also 😔

  • Your ok! Anxiety makes you feel uncomfortable, but that's all! Push back at it! Argue with yourself about why your current thinking is silly ( but you have to argue with convictions!!) you can do this! You may feel miserable and then it will let up, you can catch your breath and get ready for the next fight! Keep trying.

  • I think all of us can agree, we've been there or are there. I can tell you that if you look at my posts, you will see that I have been feeling like I'm dying ever since Nov! Anxiety is not pleasant. The symptoms are all over the place. My heart skips..I don't feel like myself..like I'm not here...going out is difficult...I'm constantly tired..so forgetful and cannot concentrate. The good news is that within the past week, I've come to realize that I create my symptoms because I am so focused on them...I'm convincing myself something is wrong..I feed into my negativity. I think about all the people whom I know that have passed away..young and old alike. If you have gotten the all clear from a Dr...then all you can do is end the cycle...Its hard..I know..I'm still doing it myself. We are all going to pass away one day..if it scares you..you need to figure out why and begin trying to live a life that you want...easier said than done I know!! Baby steps, girl! You WILL get through this!! We all WILL. Please do not look up your symptoms..that was my worst mistake. Look to those who feel the same..that will be your biggest help..accepting that this is anxiety..and nothing more..if of course you've gotten the all clear from a Dr. Somethings to also keep in mind..anxiety is like a broken home..it takes time to heal..its frustrating! But stay positive..and like attracts like..meaning negativity breeds negativity...and positivity..positivity. Its not gonna be easy..nothing worth having is easy..and a life of peace is worth fighting for. Never give up!!! Im here for you!!


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