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Hmmmm ocd?

I went to a psychiatrist today so I can get some meds to relieve this horrible anxiety. As we were talking, I told him about how I am always afraid of dying, being separated from my kids, that kind of thing. I have really bad health anxiety and when I get on a "kick" of having an illness, it is constantly in my mind. To the point I'm doing "health checks" on myself (ie pulse, checking for weakness) I have never had a dr tell me I have ocd which brings on my anxiety. I've always thought of ocd as hand washing, checking a door, counting. I guess my thoughts about being ill is as obsessive as it could be. It's just strange that i could go all these years and never have a dr tell me he thinks I have that! For those of you who have ocd tell me what you think. Could health anxiety really be a form of ocd?

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I have health anxiety and its so bad its constantly on my mind your not alone I also check my body all the time and anything appears I am at doctors as anxiety then panic sets in as I think the worst and it be to late and I will die. Your not alone out their I understand

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I know were you are coming from, I am frightened of dying , not being a believer it is the nothingness after that scares me. Illnesses do not scare me I have got through BC ,Chemo and rads. I have OC thoughts however helped by Seroxat. Two years ago my Son separated from his wife and we have not been allowed to see my two grandchildren, that has nearly driven me in to the ground. When my sons were little I was frightened they would be taken from me.

OCD has many forms . I read some years ago that it is a tired mind constantly anxious that does this to you.( A book by an eminent Aussie Psychiatrist).

I feel scared twenty four/ seven, try distraction but find it still comes back when I try to relax.

I wish I could help you all I can say is you are not on your own. I am sure you don't need me tell you that.


corsaUMM: I am praying for you and hoping you find relief from the nothingness that scares you. I am a believer and still have the horrible effects from Panic, OCD, etc. I guess I should pray for all of us that are suffering. This is so scary.



I have ocd & Health anxiety

My Health anxiety is a fear of dying , this creates ocd in me as if I get the thoughts I may have something seriously wrong with me it results in me carry out certain patterns of doing things believing it will prevent my fear happening

Then the other part of my ocd has nothing to do with my Health anxiety but focused on anything bad happening to me or others which again causes me to do certain ocd rituals

After years of been like this I have been seeing a psychologist , I have agoraphobia as well & after talking to her everything comes down to my ocd , so we are working on that & they believe that the rest of the problems I have will become easier to deal with once I have more control over the ocd & I do believe they are right as I have started to see little changes in me as I am working on the ocd

When I read your post I would have said you had Health Anxiety rather than ocd from what you said & part of Health Anxiety is checking everything to do with our health , we do form a pattern however through the fear of checking for Health Problems which after reading your post I would say yes it is a form of ocd as any patterns of behaviour comes into that category & I would imagine that is why they have said you have ocd Ocd can come in all different ways to mild to severe but try & be reassured that with the right support & as you have one pattern of behaviour to work on rather than multiple ones that sometimes you get with ocd they should help you to retrain the way you think & you once you start to do this you will get so much better with your Health Anxiety /ocd x


I do not worry about cancer having had it. My problem is thoughts that won,t leave me.

I have been agoraphobic however through sheer will and determination I have kicked that into touch. Terrified at times that it might come back though.

Thanks for your prayers.


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