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Undiagnosed symptoms


I am male 24

I have been to several doctors but not able to diagnose any thing,I have done CT scan of brain MRI, Colonoscopy endoscopy chest xray everything came normal

I have following symptoms

Uneasy bowel movements

Always feeling of not emptied bowel

Lot of Gas ,Chest heavy and stomach pressure

black thread like particle in front of eyes

pain in arm pit sometimes

Small lump in left thigh which is there from past 5 month

nausea feeling sometimes

pain in knee joint while walking

very small tiny blood spots in saliva sometimes

sharp pain in left thigh just before ejaculation

I have big time phobia of deadly diseases

I think I have cancer or something

If any one have any similar symptoms and have diagnosed it please help me out with it I am freeking out. I have been to several doctors cnt find anyone taking these things seriously .Complications are keep on increasing day by day

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Yeah, a lot of us think a lot about cancer when it comes to diseases or these crazy symptoms. And i agree doctors sometimes don't take things seriously when they can't find anything. I feel like just because we are young, theres nothing to worry about. I took several tests and when i went to the doctor she didnt even metion anything. Like, What????

These are my symptoms.

Pressuring headahce/throbbing

Swollen thyroid ( i think)

This lump in my throat (physically) AND this small bump on my throat (not my adams apple)

Extreme anxiety

Stomach pains or bloating i should say

Weird neck pain

Constantly shaking

Sharp joint pains (or even just wrist or anywhere)

Chest pain

Im always searching up things on google (or webmd) and i make these symptoms worse thinking that i have a deadly disease or i have cancer.

I know these seem like harmless symptoms to yours, but you know they are still pretty bad. :/

But, be happy that all of your results came back normal, cause anything could've turned out worse. This may be hard but try this.

- Meditate, hang our with people that make you feel good, or do something that makes you laugh or happy. (I watch youtube videos). Or just try to get your mind off of this. Just look in the mirror and say something like your gonna be ok or stop worrying or even say that some people are experiencing more than me and they DO get through it. Just throwing some ideas in there.

~So I wish you the best and i hope and pray that you get better and find out what the doctor's are missing. :)


I hope I get back to my normal life as soon as possible


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