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I'm so frustrated

Hey everyone, I'm getting very frustrated with what I've been through lately ! Sometime i just feel like i want to kill myself . I miss feeling alive, i miss traveling, i miss doing sports. I miss party, i miss dancing . I used to live my life to the Fullest, i was fearless and restless i used to ride big motorcycle, i even tried bungeejumping with no fear at all . but now even doing yoga for 20 minutes already make me feel so anxious and tired, like my heart is going to stop or i feel like my blood not flowing to certain part of my body . I've seen 1 cardiologist and 2 internists and they said I'm okay i shouldn't have to worry too much, do you think i have to go to another cardiologist To make sure that I'm really okay ? Seriously when it's gonna be over ? I just can't imagine that If i have to spend my life feeling anxious all the damn time :(

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It sounds exactly like me and from experience it is panic attacks you have and you have to find your own way of copying with them as any thing your doctor tells you you won't believe you are suffering from panic attacks


Thats me exactly (except the bungee jumping!) i would have said that yoga would help but your obviously not finding it too relaxing. I tried to deal with my anxieties myself without much luck. I succumbed to medication - thats given me a bit if help and now i have got a window where i feel more able to pursue my own help. Im now on a CBT course so I'll see if that helps.

Good luck in your quest to be rid of this. We are all in this same boat.



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