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Someone please respond!

Okay, so I've been going to my nutritionalist and he says I'm improving and once cleaned out, I could become more sensitive to foods.

Well, I noticed after consuming large quantities of sugar, I got flu ish symptoms. Just feeling yucky with burning skin. Well this made me afraid of diabetes but I have no symptoms of diabetes. I'm not urinating a lot, I'm no longer losing weight (yay), I'm not really hungry all the time, and I'm not thirsty. Plus....nobody in my family has diabetes.

The crumminess usually lasts 1-2 days and I used to think it was due to adrenaline but now....I Think it may be the sugar. My mom says that sugar can do crazy stuff.

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hi what crazy stuff can sugar do?


Oh, it can give you headaches, heart palpitations, make it difficult to concentrate, make you feel tired, etc.


how have you been?


Actually been fairly calm. You?


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