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X-rays of head & hands?

When I was 14, & serving time in an adolescent unit for school phobia, I was taken to a hospital & given x-rays of my head & hands. the first lot of x-rays didn`t come out right, & I was subjected to another lot of x-rays. No-one would tell me why these were being done. I hadn`t suffered any injuries, & all these years later, I wonder what they were looking for, & whether these could have done any lasting damage.

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Have you thought about asking your doctor if there is anything on your medical records as they have your notes or something may have been put on there giving you the answers to why

I doubt very much they would have cause you any damage but you could again ask your doctor even if this was never put on your medical records have they any idea what they may have been looking for

Good Luck x


I seriously believe that they deliberately "lost" my medical records, & it will take a miracle to resurrect them.


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