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Very strange feelings in head - can anyone relate?

so I can be fine then bam I get lightheaded, my head goes very funny like weird dizzy and I feel like I have trouble walking. If I go to the bathroom I can't even focus my eyes on my reflection in the mirror! I fear brain cancer/tumor but I've had so many tests (no scan or mri) and Drs keep telling me it's stress and anxiety. I just cannot believe it can do this to my head and also when I'm in a perfectly safe situation and it hits out of the blue.

I've been like this for three years now

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Hi im just like u and my doctor says its anxiety but in r heads we think its somat else is up. Do u ever get that warm rush feeling throu ur body


Yup, got it too. Mine started last year. I have good days and bad days. This whole past week I have had the weird sensation in my head. The lightheadedness and weak legs feeling. The best I can describe it is I feel like I am on a boat all day long. Swaying in my head. Terrible feeling. When I walk outside or in a store I feel as though the floor is coming up at me. Not really sure how to describe that but almost like everything around me is magnified in my vision. Not sure if it will ever go away. I have grown so accustomed to it and may have it for the rest of my life. I will never give in to it though.


Wow!!! That was the best description of how I feel I've ever read! The swaying, the feeling like the floor is coming up, or like gravity has all the sudden been turned up and your being pulled down. It's so weird! I'm so glad I read this because I have all those feelings!!


Yea it stinks but happy it helps you to know you're not alone. I have had many visits to doctors and after a cat scan came back normal I did some investigating into my family history. Several family members have anxiety. My brother and sister suffer panic attacks and have dizziness frequently as well. It all added up. Although I can't stop the episodes, this forum has helped a lot. To see that others go through it too helps to realize we are all surviving. We are not in any great harm, we just have to relax a bit and trust in God. Best wishes to you and here if you ever need to talk. Take care xo


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