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Wondering if anyone can help me!

I've been feeling extremely unwell with a fever, stiff neck, sharp pains in my head etc since Saturday now. My temperature was at 38.4 yesterday and hasn't really been much lower than 37.8. The doctor has given me antibiotics and said its some kind of infection which I've been taking religiously for over 3 days now and I'm yet to feel any better. I'm not sure whether to call my doctor back and explain that I still feel unwell as I'm due to return back to work tomorrow! I know I've not been taking the tablets that long but surely they should be doing something by now? Just wondering if there's any advice on what i should do

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Sorry you are feeling so unwell , sometimes antibiotics can take a few days to work & maybe the full course before you feel better

If you still are feeling unwell & feel there is no slight improvement it sounds like another day of work may be the way to go & maybe contacting your doctor to ask their advice

Hope you feel better soon x


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