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Hello everyone, I'm just gonna start out with that I am younger than 18 and I am haunted with anxiety, everyone knows me as a smiley happy person but inside im socially insecure, but that isn't my main problem, I have lately been afraid of any mythical-ish creature that I see on TV or videos, for example weeping angels from Doctor Who, these fears are extremely weird because in my mind, I know they aren't real, but I am still afraid of them. I simply told myself that I was being paranoid, but it started getting worse! I now feel watched when I'm alone, for example bathrooms, showers... And I get this strange feeling when I go to bed, like a whoosh or a wave of anxiety and fears, and it keeps me awake far too long then it should. I've been taking melatonin but I'm afraid my body may have grown too fond for it and now sees it as a regular thing rather then something to make me sleep. I'm not sure if I should tell my parents, what if I'm just paranoid! And more then that HOW CAN SOMEONE HELP ME..,


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  • First of all, take a deep breath and relax for a second. I see where youre coming from I had a time when I was terrified of paranormal things. Its something that will pass. Try not watching stuff that could potentially scare you. I stopped watching horror films for like 4 months. Also tell your parents and seek therapy. Its very helpful to just talk it out.

  • I have legit never watched one horror movie. Honestly, a Horror movie trailer will freak me the hell out. Sometimes even fricken doctor who scares me....

  • Hi love when I was your age my bedroom backed onto a graveyard, we had an outside toilet that had no light and no streetlight to light up the garden only the gravestones shed light, I hated it and was terrified when bed time came. My father would not allow us a light on if we clicked the switch it woke him up and he'd. Say get that light out. I wet the bed rather than venture to the outside loo, my brother however used to wee out of the window lol clever boy. Just chuckling at him xxx 😊 this affected my life I still have to sleep with the light on and I 49 xx. some peoples imaginations can be very disturbing to us others. No matter how old. People that invent these disturbing images for tv or films don't realize the problems they cam create for others. The feeling your getting is total fear 😱 leaving you feeling very uncomfortable does it feel like a rush from your feet to your head a a feeling of dread,? Then the thoughts of being watched and the image in your head wont go away. To start with don't watch anything. That may play with your imagination no more Dr who lol personally cant stand the programme lol. The image in your head is just an image not real when I pops in say no and look at something else, or add some glasses and feather boa lipstic and mustache change the image with your imagination. Then chuckle at it. Or do something that takes concentration thats positive like paint nails play with your little pal that sleeps with you at night. You can change your way of thinking if you try, your body and mind is acting on your fear but it will pass. Thats why your feeling watched. And the more you say no and ignore the images the less they'll pop up. It works I do feel for you I've been where you are and it is so very scary. But it will pass, I went to se a phsycologist and we talked ab out my fears she was my angel she asked me to paint a picture of my childhood it was a painting in black with a lit light bulb in the middle I'm bright yellow. Then I had to write ya letter to my father. Hmm irrelevant to. You my dear but everyone has fears and it's how you deal with them. This was my childhood and im ok now but still have a light on lol. I couldn't speak to my parents, but maybe you can to yours I'm sure they'll put your mind at rest its an image thats all sweetie. Change it or them. I'm already getting anxious about Halloween lol but their just masks xxx and im 49 ha ha your not alone in always here if you need someone to reassure you take care love concentrate on your amazing future and journey of happiness ahead of you. Xx Mandy 😉 anytime just message me xx

  • Thanks for the support, I doesn't think I could survive very long in a graveyard😱And the thing about laughing at your fears is something that happens on and off with me, sometimes I realize how stupid these fears are, and other times they seem as real as you and me. I don't even watch many Dr Who or horror movies, in fact I have never watched a horror movie before. Just the mere cover on horror movie DVD can set this off. Plus, my mom is fed up with me staying up all night with out any sleep, and I don't think she cares anymore. So who do I tell?!?! I'm 13 years old, so risking saying my fears to a friend could mean gossip. I'm not sure what to do next....

  • Oh love very sorry to hear that, as a mom myself to dour gorgeous sons I would lay my life down for them, all in their 20s now and they still come to me when they hurt xx I know what you mean about friends and gossip too I never told anyone until I was in my 20s, i would still try talking to her maybe if she knows why your not sleeping she may understand and help reassure you, or even a trip to your doctors who will point you in the right direction. Or even an auntie, at such a young age you need some support, I'm always on here anytime you need to talk, anything at all you need to ask dont hesitate ill have a look into who else can help and get back to you. Take care my love speak soon xx Mandy 😊

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