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Hi all. I just want to ask a question , I am on ESA in the support group , i think its called ESA , also i get DLA at the lower rate for care and lower rate for mobility , I have not updated my DLA for ages 5 years or maybe more , I was just wondering if the DLA now works on a point system like the support group ESA , I have been told PIP will be a while yet before it gets to here . If it does work on a point system what / how many points do you need , my illness has got worse since i last did a form for the DLA and i have lots to add both mental and physical . Any help or advice appreciated . Thanks

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Hello John

Yes it does work on a point system & they are trying to make it as difficult as possible

I have included a link which hopefully will help you in knowing how many points you will need & what each question you answer & how you answer it you would be awarded

I think it is best to base all your answers on your worst days rather than any good days

Hope this helps to answer your question a little bit x

Just to add John when you go on the link you will see to the left of the page in blue that it says take the Pip test , you can take it as many times as you like & you will get a good idea what you will score by doing so x

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Crikey reading this, even I may be in danger of being taken off it lol x


Hope not :-o :-D xxx


I'm on ESA and DLA lower care and higher Mobility, I do have other disabilities apart from depression and anxiety, we haven't converted to PIP yet either, I would hope it would just be a conversion straight over, but if you have to fill out forms again, you have to remember what you feel like on the worst day possible, and remember to put all your specialists down and your medication.


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