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Anxiety Breathing

I was probably doing the worst thing I could do, which is search my symptoms in google. In my experience I have found that anxiety feeds anxiety, i get terrible anxiety off and on and when I worry I fear it's always health related and usually believe somthing is seriously wrong with me or when I get panic attacks that I feel my hearts going to shut down or i won't be able to breath anymore. I worry about my breathing alot and online it said that it's possible to think way to much about your breathing and always beinf concious of it can really mess up your rythum and breathing all together. I don't know why anxiety or panic leads me to believe somthing is going wrong with two of my vital organs but I do and it's terrible. Does anyone know any tips or are their any expert tips on how to keep my mind off my breathing, because when I dont think about it I'm fine. I went out drinking for a birthday last night and had a bit of a hangover and alcohol is a huge trigger for my anxiety, so I'm just experiencing a terrible morning.

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I don't have any great answers. I have the exact same problem though. My anxiety is related to health stuff--thinking I have a horrible heart or lung condition that is going to kill me. My mom was such a lot when I was a kid do maybe it stems from that? Where do you think yours comes from? I was told that exercise can help greatly but then it crosses my mind that I may have a heart issue while exercising lol I plan on trying it though so will let you know if it works. I would not drink alcohol anymore and get lots of sleep if I were you. Good luck to you!

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Hi... I teach people to use their emotions to access their subconscious so they can get the results they want. To help them deal with feeling of being overwhelmed and how to control them. When you're ready for change, I can help! All my best!


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