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Feel like I'm gonna stop breathing

I get off and on anxiety everday, today was pretty bad. A typical attack for me is me getting really irritable, then I get really concentrated on my breathing and I start to hyperventilate and think im gonna stop breathing or some how or way somthing bad is gonna happen and in my head I think of all these reasons something could be wrong, then I research posibilities and it freak me out even more, I get really staggered breathing and try to control it but usually it always gets worse. One second I'll be fine then later I'll think about think about my breathing and I'll instantly start having troubles. I am 21, i smoke 2 packs a week on average, I've been to a walk in clinic twice about it and they checked my vitals, said they sounded fine and that I have anxiety and sent me on my way... so I'm just dealing with it for now, reluctantly deciding to see an actual family docotor or therapist.. anyone else go through some of the symptoms I'm goin good through? Or any advice for whats going on with me, I've been dealing with it for so long.. thanks guys.

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i've been through those symptoms already,your not alone.i also smoke like you coz it relaxes me,but now im tryingto quit smoking.try walking for 25 mins every morning it helps blood circulation.stop thinking of negative thought,i know its easier said than done.stay strong and always pray.


Hi, I have to ask you a question: when you light a cigarette do you go in hyperventilation?I don`t think so because nicotine is an opioid and calm you down.The down side is that if you still smoking 2 packets of cigarettes everyday your health will deteriorate and I am not intending your panic attack,but your lungs and your immune system.Sorry if I am a bit hard with you, but I think being in your 21 years old is a young age and you really can enjoy life doing other things.What about sport, leisure, art, drama, volunteering, reading club ....just to be involved socially and doing something you really like and simply for making new friends and sharing a common interest.Having a panic attack usually is related to a traumatic event and to soothe such effect you`ve to move your thought in something positive...anything, even listening some music,but has to be your favourite, singing, going for a walk,chatting with a friend or a neighbor..anything you enjoy will be fine to get better


I have found CDs on relaxation to be very beneficial. Also, Andrew Weil has a book on CD "Breathe" that has been highly recommended. Go to your doctor, but if you can avoid going on meds, that is the best. Once you learn breathing and relaxation techniques, you can use them anytime, any place.


Hi Mranxious....

Firstly stay away from walk in clinics, they have no resource or empathy to deal with any anxiety/depression or be in anyway empathetic towards your cause. I really recommend going to see your own GP and then you can build up a rapport with that Doctor. Hun, you are not alone. I have suffererd anxiety and panic attacks to the point of calling an ambulance because I thought I was going to die but this country does not have enough information and awareness of what's going on with people who suffer so badly and don't realise that this awful condition can take over your whole life. I put my anxiety down to the loss of both my parents who died very closely together and being a nurse I nursed them both to their deaths, it wasn't for a while after I started getting the worst anxiety which I had never experienced before so I didn't know what was going on with my body and of course the grief was killing me. I did go to the doctor and he was amazing, sadly I have moved since and have not found anyone like him. He specialised in mental health which was a bonus so he knew what to do. I have been on anti-depressants which I really didn't want to go on but they do help. Unfortunately there is not a pill that can take it all away but 1 in 4 people in the UK are on anti depressants and there are so many different kinds that can help with your sleep, your moods, anxiety, panic attacks etc.. Please go to your GP, explain how you feel, if you don't like that doctor ask to see another one until you feel comfortable and supported, and no one needs to know if he prescribes you something. To be honest at 21 you shouldn't be getting anxiety attacks so there must be something underlying and there could be something really easy to treat it. Please don't hold it in, seek the advice of a doctor, tell your friends and family if you can because you have an amazing life out there to live and only you can do it... Good luck xxx


Hi, I can relate to this so well. I have the exact same issue with my breathing. I'll be absolutely fine and then as soon as I realise that I'm breathing and that I'm breathing okay, I instantly think something must be wrong to make me notice my breathing. I worry about the slightest thing, especially what I put into my body - if it will harm me or not. It's like a constant vicious circle, however just think if you can talk you can breathe basically. I get this weird pressure in my throat and chest like a tightness. If you sit for 2 minutes and really focus on your arm let's say, you'll experience sensations there. This is the same with any part of your body. So you just have to think you're 21, I'm sure you're healthy and have seen a vegetable in the past week or so. If you had an underlying illness you'd feel like it all the time or when you over exert yourself; yet you only feel these sensations when you think about them. I know you probably think that if you just new you had a physical health condition rather than a mental health condition you'll feel better because you could probably address it better; knowing it's just anxiety and basically nothing to worry about can be frustrating. My best friend is Google and it's the first thing I turn to to try get some piece of mind but in reality we think looking up our symptoms saves us because we can addres the problem if we read that it's not right; when really it's doing the total opposite. Just take a walk and look around you, a majority of the people you will see will be older than you and just as healthy - I hope this helps, you're definitely not alone. But after every time you feel thes sensations and get so bored of them that you finally stop thinking about them - you carry on living. It'd be a shame to get to 80/90 years old and look back on your prime age in life and think I had a good life but I made it difficult for myself because I was so scared of dying.

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I'm 24 years old and in the summer last year I partied a little too hard, Which ended up me having a seizure and rushed to hospital. Ever since my seizure it's brought on axiety attacks when I'm trying to sleep I think I'm not breathing and panic which also makes me think I'm going to have a seizure. Not that I've ever know a seizure too come on. Does anyone have any idea how to help or prevent this from happening thanks 


I get the same way as well. Although, I don’t smoke cigarettes but I do sometimes smoke cannabis but I feel like it has worsened my anxiety. I started focusing more on my breathing and I get to the point where I feel like I’m going to unconsciously stop breathing. Most times I feel a very tight feeling in my head like my temples are closing in. But all in all, I feel like all we can do is just deal with it. It’s like a trait to us now and there’s really nothing that can cure our overthinking and feelings. There are temporary medications but I feel as if those make things worse. I’d recommend breathing exercises and meditation. When you feel that little rush of anxiety build up, turn on a 5-10 meditation video and focus on your breathing. It works wonders and alters your anxiety to a lesser extent.


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