Dear kindest all,

I am writing this blog to possibly assist others to cope or maybe help with their anxiety or panic attacks. Please be aware that the reasons for everyone's anxiety or panic attacks may be different and your GP is the best person to discuss issues.

I have recently become aware that my abdomen muscles or abdominal area tends to be quite tight.possibly making breathing more difficult, especially breathing in more deeply. When I become aware of this i try to focus on my abdominal area and try to relax this area and have found this somewhat beneficial. I am unsure why this area is tight and the best person to discuss this with is a professional, like your GP or a councellor for example.

kindest regards,



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5 Replies

  • Hi. marcus. I dont know if you are aware of this, and please forgive me if you are, but this technique is similar to Buddhist meditative practise. Concentrating on breathing but from the abdomen not the chest. In Out Slowly. Does work for many people and all the Buddhists I have met have been very calm. Mind you, like all things Buddhist, it probably takes about twenty years to train!!!. Regards. j.

  • Dear Jonathan,

    It is very kind of you to give me advice about breathing techniques. I will kindly try your exercise. Thank you very much in deed.

    KIndest regards,


  • Marcus you have delightful manners! A pleasure to read your posts . I do the breathing exercises almost automatically now. If you keep your hand on your abdomen it is easier too. As well when you are aware of tension in muscles, relax them. I have to do this constantly throughout the day. I really wasn't aware how tense I was x Ella x

  • Dear Ellabella,

    I wasn't sure whether to include this information however I have thought about it again, after I finished my last reply to you and have therefore decided to include it.

    As you write that you weren't aware how tense you were, before you started to relax your abdominal muscles, I have also started to realise that I feel very different before and after I relax my abdominal area and am starting to realise how anxious or tense I am.

    You are very nice to include your personal experience. This helps me.

    Kindest regards,


  • Dear Ellabella,

    You are so nice to say that. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your advice on breathing exercise techniques. I am very happy to try your techniques.

    kindest regards,


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