Having really bad few weeks.

Been having panic attacks and anxiety is almost constant.

Last week got a bad cold,gone in a week.Now I'm all bunged up again (and thinking there's more to it than just a cold!!!)feel like crap.

My hubby on crutches(long story),and my son now got heavy cold too.

I don't seem to be able to cope with all these negative things happening.I always asume the worst.

Just had awful nights sleep-on verge of anxiety attacks all night long.

Have had two lots of CBT but seem stuck in this Grounhog Day scenario.

Am so tired of feeling. Awful.


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  • Hi, please stick with CBT , two is defiantly not enough. I've been going to CBT therapy for 6 months now and can honestly say I'm well on the road to recovery. It's beem my life line. Try and relax a bit more and journal your thoughts, you will then be able to notice the patten in which/why anxiety strikes and overcome it.

    Have you tried meditation? It really clears your mind if only for 30 mins!

    As hard as it is stay positve, there's a reason why u are anxious and if you find out what triggers it then you can best it.

    All the best and I hope I feel better soon x

  • Sorry,I meant 2 lots of CBT 6 sessions in each is all I'm allowed then have to wait 3 months to that's been over a year and a half.

    I drink 1/2 to3/4 bottle a wine at mo each night to help me cope(evenings are worst)but even that's not helping now.Last night I nearly had another attack around 9pm(dizzy palpitations irrational etc)went to loo for no.2 and it seemed to ease off,but 4am I still wake with terrible palps for whole hour.

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