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Having read posts on this site and being a long term sufferer of panic /anxiety I have joined a Patient Group at my Gp surgery. I raised the topic of lack of resources for self help and support. I feel that there is a great need for sufferers to share their feelings and talk to fellow sufferers within a group. Its sad to read so many desperate pleas for help when someone is having a panic attack and needs to speak to someone who understans . Then having to wait hours or days for a reply to say "oh yes that's quite normal to feel those terrifying symptoms " There is nothing by the way of posters and leaflets in my Gp surgery telling patients . that they can make self referral to Mental Health resources for Mindfulness training . . I will keep you all posted

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Yer all doctors should have that so people can drop in or have sort club get to know talk over what thay get have dealing with it help from people running it that have anxiety panic attacts or have dun in past


I totally agree,there is just not enough support out there,sometimes all you need is a group of like minded people who suffer the same as you. Instead of just handing out antidepressants which don't work for everyone.

Keep me posted and Good Luck



Hi ilsonbunny

I wondered if you still post to HU and how you got on with mindfulness, I was wondering if it was beneficial to you.

Best regards



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