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Did you ever catch yourself doing this?

Last night I had a get together :)

But I was a nervous wreck the whole time.

After a bit my ribs started to get sore the my mid back would get these stinging pains :(

I got a good laugh at one point that when I noticed the pain was gone I did this weird auto response and tensed up right where I tensed up I got the aches which made me think

"Oh my these aches and pains I get its cause I'm always in a tense mode !!":(

Right now my right side of my back from shoulder blade to a little bit above lower back I have a pain and at points I get lightheaded and it hurts to breath I automatically think clot in the lungs. But can it be from yesterday's revelation?

I also am on my second week on a hormone iud so I am worried about clots

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Yes it can it's called hypertension because your worrying a lot your body is constantly in the fight/flight response therefore makeing u tense and giving u false information warning I'm sure your fine I get this sometimes

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