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Right Traps Really Getting to Me Please Help!

My shoulder muscles are really tight. It interrupts my sleep and everything. My chiropractor adjusted me but it didn't seem to do anything for that. He's also my nutritionalist and wanted to see my lab work I got done in July.

I got scared though that he implied something could have changed since then. That freaked me out, but I can tell he has little knowledge of anxiety. Like when I said I can't eat much due to anxiety, I do not think he actually really believes anxiety can affect someone so strongly. I'm going to describe everything I feel so if anyone can relate, please do!

-overwhelming feeling. Like my eyes cannot take in anymore

-jolting awake at night, so much I can't remember each time

-uneasiness in pit of stomach or upper stomach but I'm not actually nauseous

-de personalized. Feel like a body without a soul

-feel out of control

-different tastes in mouth that come and go randomly, but are pretty vague and don't taste bad

-some lightheadedness. Used to suffer with this greatly but it has diminished quite a lot. So when it returns, I think it is something serious.

-more anxious in the evening, on edge, feeling like I'm about to snap and lose it

-scary thoughts

Sometimes my right hand goes weak, but my mom said that's due to my tight traps (she used to massage people).

When I write it out, it looks like anxiety but what I'm feeling feels much worse than something to describe. Like I'm not sure if im describing it correctly.

I sometimes also feel like a zombie, wasted, disoriented, etc.

I keep thinking that if something bad we're going on, it would have shown up or done something since anxiety started in June for me.

I can't go to the ER or the hospital. I went once and the person never even said anxiety. She told me, after having everything tested, that I should eat vegetables.

I mean, really?

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Hi Traibooks

If you are stressed, then your shoulder is likely to be near your head - can lead to sore traps. I had a very sore shoulder from stress (and an old injury) but the stress was adding to it. What I found that worked for me was a combination of deep tissue massage, trying to relax and shoulder and neck mobility exercises which I do every day.

If you can't go to ER or the hospital, then the best thing might be to try and do relaxation exercises - yoga, pilates, even getting outside and walking.

Stress can have so many negative impacts on the body - I hope you can do something for it soon

Best wishes


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You are describing pretty much all of my symptoms I feel with you.. I can't help but feel there is something wrong that no one can diagnose!

It's a journey to recovery or to accept it .

I think the more you fight it the more strength it gains.

I hope you feel better just try to surround your self with positivity

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