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I'm really worried, please help.


For a little over a year now I've been suffering from dizziness, which ranges from swaying sensations to lightheaded and giddyness.

I have seen an ENT, been to a balance clinic and now seeing a psychologist for my bad anxiety.

The psychologist had finally convinced me I wasn't dying and I'm always looking for something that's wrong.

But with my check up with the ENT today, he wants to send me over to a neurologist and go an have an mri scan.

Now I'm worried in dying and have a tumour.

I was started to believe it's anxiety, but now I'm really scared.

Has anyone else been in this situation...

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Hi hun.

Bless you.i totally understand how you feel.as you know I'm in the same boat as you with the lightheadness and giddiness etc everyday.

Obviously I'm no doctor but in my opinion if it was anything like a tumour you would have known long before now.you would probably also have terrible headaches and other symptoms too.

Hopefully somebody on here will be able to reassure you.

Always here if you want a chat.and remember,everything will be okay.

You are not alone xx

Yes me, I had an MRI of my head once and fell asleep in it! This is just a formality so they can say they've covered every possibility. It doesn't mean you're dying or have a tumour, that's your anxiety talking.

I have a slight balance problem but I'm old and it's part of the aging process, the blood vessels narrow a bit and cause the imbalance. In my case that is. They say cutting out salt is helpful.

Don't worry about it, you can't spend your life worrying about every remote possibility, Lucyjane. The old saying is: 'The brave man dies once, the coward a thousand times.' Also applies to women of course though I'm not calling you a coward, people with anxiety are the bravest people around, but you know what I mean.


I have experienced the same thing and it's part of the anxiety. Often, without even being aware of it, we tend to hold our tension in our necks, shoulders and backs. That can cause dizziness, light headedness and that swaying sensation. I agree with the other posts too. Your doctor is just being cautious and ruling things out because they have too. I just had an endoscopy (scope down the throat and stomach) Monday and the doctor biopsied a couple of red spots he saw. I was totally freaked out that I'm dying of cancer. It's just precaution to be sure it's not anything but irritation since I have gastritis and reflux. I've tried really hard not to worry about it. Try not to worry about it and know that your symptoms are anxiety.

I had an MRI last year for the same reason. I was actually glad I was going to get my brain scan because I was just tired of feeling off balanced all the time. I was glad I was actually going to get answers. I was wrong. The MRI looked normal. I freaked out once I was inside the scanner because they strapped me in and the scanner was tight from the inside. I immediately pressed the panic button. I was asked if I wanted to do it another day or get medication to calm me down. I pushed myself to do it because I was just desperate to get answers. I asked if I can get something placed over my eyes so I won't see the inside of the scanner and layed there for 15 minutes. Its been a year and I still get the off balanced light headed feeling. Currently I have been feeling like this for that past three days and now I even feel it on my sleep. Still, you shouldn't feel bad about the MRI, I hope you get the answers you are looking for with the results. Best wishes.


There’s no need to be worried. All ENTS do that, they just want to make sure it’s coming from your ears and not you brain. An mri is good because that way you get find out. If it comes out clear than the ent can help but if it isn’t then the neurologist can help. Either way y hey the help you need.

I was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease 3 weeks ago and already started treatment. I knew it wasn’t anxiety! Me episodes caused the anxiety and anxiety never caused me episodes.

I’ve seen an ENT I actually have a vestibular problem. MRIs are pretty basic for a ENT to do :)

Yes. I have had anxiety and panic attacks (two different things) and I have had mris and catscans doen. One doc told me that a panic attack can bring you to the ground it mimics the exact symptoms of a heart attack. I am sure they just want to "be safe". Buuuuut to a person with anxiety that sounds like a death sentence. Its what some peoples brains do (especially if you get panic attacks and or regular anxiety! Im sure you are okay. We are excellent worriers! That's are strong suit. ❤Ginger

How long have you had the lightheadedness/dizziness? I deal with it constantly and have for 2.5 years straight with no break... it is constantly there and gets worse with anxiety/stress/panic.

I've had it for just over a year now, is started a couple months after to gave birth.

I just wish I could wake up and it was gone, recently I've had this aiddnw rush of a few seconds dizziness that isn't like the usual swaying off balance and it scares me, then it starts the anxiety vicious circle.

I'm sorry you've been suffering for so long.

Gosh I know exactly how you feel. Mine is constant and then sometimes I'll have actual dizzy spells that last a few seconds. It has been going on for a while now even though all my vitals and tests have checked out fine.. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone.

It's honestly the worst thing, it's so debilitating, I wish I could be the person I used to be before all of this happened.

I've had most tests done too, just waiting for an mri and results from a 24 hour heart monitor.

Anxiety, especially the dizziness, is so hard to overcome as to everyone else they seem to think we're fine.

I've only had a CT scan of my head and several EKG's.. Do let me know if anything comes back abnormal xx

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