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Anxiety and feeling low!!!

Been so gd for such a long time and niw the last couple of weeks iv been feeling anxious again I can handle a few bad day now and then as everyone gets them but I hate it wen it lasts for awhile I'm hoping it's just because I had a bug and felt like poo with it and now it's nearly that time of month! witch can make my anxiety go up a bit anyway that getting that out the way will make me bk to feeling gd again just feel so low tired and annoyed that I'm feeling this again having a chilled weekend so hopefully that will help hope u all have a gd weekend x

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Hi I get weeks like that, I can go three, four weeks and feel great and then I slow down on self care techniques ( journaling, meditation and time out ) because I start to think I'm better only to be hit hard with anxiety the very next day which can last a few weeks. What I'm doing wrong ( and most prob u) is feeling annoyed and frustrated with yourself for feeling anxious again and wanting it to hurry up and go away again.

Try thinking along the lines of " oh well, I'm having a bad few days" try not to take to much notice of it and don't give it all ur attention and it will soon pass and as time goes on it will start to become less important!

As long as your having more good days than bad then be proud and positive

Hope u feel better soon

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