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I know how 2 stop my attacks as soon as they start!

So I haven't been suffering from panic attacks long, only a couple months. But this web site is actually helping me cure myself! Once I feel a panic attack coming along I instantly come on this site n start reading what others r going through and I think 2 myself that I'M not going 2 die it's just anxiety! I stop focusing on the chest pains, the numbness n my arms, the Pain n my neck, shoulders n back, (which r all symptoms of a heart attack) n I pray n ask GOD 4 4giveness cause if I die then it's my time, but after that I ignore it and leave it n God's hands then it starts 2 go away! My biggest fear n life is 2 die, that's all I think about every day of my life, but I'M taking my life back right now! We all have 2 die someday so we might as Well live our lives abundantly have all the fun we want be nice ppl and IGNORE THE SYMPTOMS!!

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The more you worry about the symptoms you have got - more symptoms pop up - you now have more to worry about! Vicious circle! Its such a pain!

Try these websites and see if you get any useful info. - Mood Gym - E-Couch - Living Life to the Full



This post has really helped me in only just a few minutes! Thank you so much for posting this! The fear of death is the number one most frustrating thought that I have and I know it's all in my head. I pray all the time that GOD will take it all away, but in the midst of it all - anxiety and panic attacks have made me stronger. Thank You once again!


faithful, very wise advice. Continued success. xx


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