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Panic attacks. Anxiety

Hi. I am going back to the doctor next week as I am feeling like I cannot cope with anything anymore, the thing that worries me the most is that there is something wrong with me. I have terrible health anxiety. It's taking over my life. Does anybody know if you can pay in the UK for scans of your whole body as a health check. As I would gladly do this for some sort of peace of mind.....

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Hi.. I feel so sad for you going through this, I myself have been there when u are at you lowest and you believe you can not take no more. The thing I have learnt with anxiety is that it tricks you into believing there is something really really wrong with you! By all means for piece of mind get a full health check and scans and that, but once you get the all clear you will find something else to replace the them thoughts with, or maybe a year later you might want to go through all the health checks again

It's a vicious cycle.

With healt anxiety you can get so obsessed with dying that you forget to live.

Ask yourself what evidence for you have to suggest that your dying or there is something else wrong?

I have spent years struggling with anxiety and finally now with help from CBT I have managed to change my thought process and begin to live again.

You will come through this just have a little patience and positive thinking.

I would highly recommend CBT, the results are amazing and will be cheaper than private scans and health checks.

Is your doctor supportive?



That's very helpful.

I have the same sort of anxiety

I feel at my lowest and can't snap out of it.

Can I ask what is cbt



Hi, CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy.

She gets to the root of what's causing my anxiety by the way I behave and my thought process prior to when I get anxious. Then she has taught me how to deal with my anxiety by changing my thought process and giving me ways to relax x


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