Constantly getting palpations.. Cardiolist can't come soon enough. Roll on March seems so far away

I duno if it's the tablets mirtizapime 45mg but everytime I take them my heart feels like its racing faster and skipping all over the place. Iv never had a problem with this anti depressant actually quit good. I duno if it's just me being paranoid!! My hearts racing super super fast feels like it's doing backflips and jumping everywhere :(, hope everyone is ok x


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  • I once had a two week spell where my heart was skipping and jumping every 5 beats, at the time I was scared to death, I hope it gives you some sort of comfort that I am typing this message and that it didn't kill me, its easy to think you are going to die etc, but the body will fight on as much as it can to survive and I am certain your heart will not stop beating and also pretty sure that 99% of what you are experience is originating from your mind. A doctor had the opportunity to do a ECG while my heart was going mental, although they could actually see my heart skipping, they just looked at the graph and said, there nothing to worry about they are all benign palpitations, as soon as they said this they had gone within 5-10 minutes. I just simply needed to hear it from a doctor at the hospital to remove the anxiety which was causing it.

    If you believe that the medication is causing you to have a rapid heart rate then stop taking them, rapid heart rate is on the list for that drug under the heading "Stop taking if:"

    If you have had that medication in the past, however, and it has never caused these effects then it won't be that, it will be your mind powering it all.

  • I know my palpations are the worst get them everyday without a doubt! I get them most in the morning in the wake up and see if I walk it feels like it's going to come out my chest even from walking is that bad? Can my palpatations kill me? I had a ecg yesterday they said its normal. But see when they do one me its like I don't feel the skipped hearts beats or anything so they won't show up if you know what I mean. I hope your okay message me whenever you want xxx

  • The clue to it being anxiety is in your reply, if you think about it. When you are "plugged in" to the ECG machine and there are medical staff around, I will bet you feel totally safe, which is going to remove the anxiety temporarily and stop your bodies reaction to it (eg palps), I will also bet that you are fine for a while after you have been given the all clear, then your mind will start to create anxiety and you are telling yourself you may be in danger again, this is only a guess, but I have sat down and thought about this alot and I came to that conclusion.

  • Yeah your totally right!! Like last night I was in hosptial and I didn't feel at all anxious think because I felt save.. But it I went to the shop I feel like I can't breath and run out everyone actually looks at me like a weirdo. My anxiety has got so bad I just don't leave my house and if I do I really panic like I think what if I'm far away and I can't get medical help quickly it's so weird.. no matter how much I tell myself this is anxiety it's like my brain won't accept it and its saying it's not your dying!! The mind arghh it's so so horrible ain't it x

  • Is there anything that is actually making you think that there could be something wrong with your heart? Do you smoke, do you drink, are you overweight? Or is it simply the palpitations?

  • No don't smoke , don't drink.. Wouldn't say im overweight neither x

  • Well that, combined with the fact that you have had ECG's in the past which would have caught any valve or electrical problem with your heart, should give you confidence that there is no physical cause. If I drink caffeine my palpitations go nuts, if I sleep too much the same happens, I don't eat properly they occur and if I don't just go for a walk sometime in the day they start as well. They are the only physical contributors to mine, the rest is my mind. You are not aloe in wanting to stay safe, I only move to houses that are a few minutes away from the hospital lol. "Just in case", you are not a weirdo, you are someone finding it difficult to accept that your brain can produce physical symptoms, which is the same as 99% of the people on here.

  • That is the best comment I've heard so far thanks for posting. Does anybody wake up instantly every couple hours instantly shaky heart papiltations just feeling weird prob cause of waking up too fast

  • Yeah very true words! Just had these palpatations , feel like my hearts going to give up any min haha x

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