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tired of feeling so bad, no options

I am so tired of feeling bad all the time! I feel like my body is just about written me off and is gonna just fail. After severe anxiety, I get hit with flu symptoms that I HATE. I can't even describe it, I'll just say I feel unwell. Heavy body, flushed, chilled, tired, though my appetite is fine, which is weird.

At first, I thought these times were random, but they are not.mtheyve only hit after I calm down and just start to relax. I have no virus and I have no fever. I notice the symptoms seem to improve when I do something like leave the house or go on a walk the chills will go away, etc. My sense of taste also seems amplified, like I always taste this like, sleep taste in my mouth. It isn't gross or anything, just weird. Oh, and when I'm anxious, I cant stand the sight of blood! I don't get this one. Ugh, I just feel like I'm dying, and honestly. I don't care, I just don't want to feel bad anymore.

But I am out of options. I have a nutritionalist and while he says I'm improving, I don't feel like I am, though I get the impression he is not as educated in the effects of anxiety as well, we are, the researchers.

So my options:

Can't afford another doctor appointment and my mom also says that he'd say I was fine, but I still wouldn't be satisfied with that answer.

Could believe this were anxiety if someone could relate because now I'm just waiting for something really bad to happen to prove to everyone that, hey, there is a problem.

Orrrr do I push through, continue to go out and do things and try to be active and stop thinking about how I feel? I was doing better in October and then I randomly started being afraid for my stomach and down the hill I rolled. Any advice? I have a nurse for a brother and my mother was raised by a doctor and nurse and my dad has spent years with my grandpa, the doctor. I have no family medical history of problems, and I did not even know so many diseases existed until I met this infernal anxiety.

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If you do go to a doctor you can get blood work to make sure everything is fine. If there is no medical reason for this and they tell you it's anxiety it may very well be. Have you ever considered therapy for anxiety? It sounds like you are thinking a lot? Tuned into your body quite often? That is normally a sign of an anxiety. Maybe health anxiety? Believe me it can make you feel really terrible. You can think yourself into believing there is really something medically wrong. What you feel is real. It can be caused by adrenaline in the body which causes a lot of these physical sensations. But if it is that it is not a danger to your health. But what it's doing to your mind is really hard to cope with. Life becomes smaller and your focus becomes all about how you feel today or what is happening in the body. There is a lot of help for anxiety. So if you rule out medical I would suggest finding someone that can help you in this area. I hope you feel better.

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Very well said, wish I could have expressed it as well as you just did. THANK YOU ... you helped me too!


Please know that anxiety makes so many things seem real, that aren't real. People that have never experienced an anxiety attack have absolutely no idea what that is like. It is a fooler and makes you believe things that just aren't happening. The chemistry that makes that happen is explainable. That should be explained to you - the flight or fight response. Your doctor should share that with you. It does help to know ... it helps you to manage things a little easier. Also know that anxiety can be passed down, at least that is what the doctor told me. I know my mom had it and both my daughters do too. They both manifest anxiety in different ways but the core problem is the same - anxiety. I've never hid my problem from them - I've shared so that they know they are not crazy and they can deal with it. Live your life as best you can ... one step at a time. My very best to you ... feel well.

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