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Panicking So Much

Okay, so lately I do not like going out, as though I like it at first, I get anxious and stuff and if it is bad enough, I dread the next day because I feel awful for a couple days after. I'm flushed, chilled, terrified of being sick, and tired.

This has happened the last 3 times and now I know it is not random. It only hits after severe anxiety. My mom says I don't have a fever, but then I read that a person can still be unwell without a fever. I'm not nauseous, though,Cnut I'm still terrified that I am sick. I am supposed to meet with someone today, but now I do not want to, as my brain will not stop producing the worst case scenario thoughts in my head. I mean I've read that anxiety can cause this but I don't know how to really believe that. Is it imperative that I get more bloodwork done? I can't afford it right now, so I have no idea what to do and am scared.

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You know whats best for reducing panic attacks and anxiety? Saying to yourself "bring it on"! Welcome that panic attack, ask it to "do its worst". It tends to make panic/ anxiety subside


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I have done that and it does help.


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