So many different symptoms

I have so many different symptoms with my anxiety its enough to drive someone crazy right now im having back pain left side ..last week I had chest pain And back pain the past couple of days were not to bad today I chopped wood for an hour and no symptoms ...I also had an itchy chest under skin left side just below collar bone ..gggrrrr what a struggle I went through ecgs ..and stress test and houlter moniter 6 years ago ..i am 36 and I went to the doctors last week and blood pressure is great have a great resting pulse ..but he said its a good peice of mind to do it again so he requested the tests again ....


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  • Sounds like me! In the past month ive had a stomach xray, blood work, ultrasound of pelvis, 24 hr heart monitor, CT scan of my stomach...all because of pain im having on my left side which now seems to have traveled to under both sets of ribs. So far all my test have been normal except they did find a small kidney stone on my right side. Crazy thing is i have no pain on my right. Sometimes i feel im gonna go crazy with all these "symptoms" and NO answers. I do have bad health anxiety from everything. All we can do is hope for the best! Sorry your having to deal with crazy symptoms, i can relate so much!!

  • Ya its quite a struggle dealing with this I have a great family that helps alot .my kids keep me going keep yoir head up ...and my heath anxiety is crazyas soon as I get a pain I go to dr google and ....but im learnig to come to the site and read it helps will be fine it is a cycle and we can beat it

  • Im terrible about google and find its always a "death sentance" when i look anything up so ive been trying to keep from doing that! My kids also are what help me maintain what little normal i have left! I wish you best and yes we can beat this!

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