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Please help me believe its just anxiety

6 months ago I started experiencing panic attacks, but I didn't realise at the time what they were. I thought I had something wrong with my heart because it felt like it kept racing and missing a beat, so I found myself constantly checking my pulse. I went to my GP who listened to my heart and told me that my heart was fine and prescribed me beta blockers, but I didn't take them because I thought that my heart would get dependent on them. After that I started getting heartburn / indigestion which I am still suffering with.

About a month ago I started getting flutters at the bottom of my stomach which I thought was signs of a UTI so I went to my GP with a urine sample that showed a trace of blood when it was dipped. My GP said it was probably the start of a UTI, gave me 3 days of antibiotics and sent my sample off for further testing. When the results came back they were clear so I ended up getting upset and panicking because I couldn't understand how there was nothing in my sample when there was blood in it when the GP tested it. That's when things started getting worse. I got myself so worked up that I couldn't eat, so I ended up losing weight. I lost 10lb in 2 weeks and was unable to go to the toilet but because of the way I was thinking I couldn't accept that it was because I wasn't eating.then started with yellow lose

yellow stools with mucus.i started looking up my symptoms on Dr Google and ended convincing myself I had cancer. Every time I went on Google I was convinced I had a different cancer. Ive had kidney disease, kidney failure, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer and now I think stomach cancer or bowel cancer. I was constantly at my GP / Walk in Centre / A&E. I was seeing my GP so much she banned me from going for 3 weeks. I've had bloods done, more urine samples, stool samples, i was sent for a pelvic ultrasound because I was convinced I had bladder or ovarian cancer but by the time I had the scan I had moved onto stomach cancer. Every test I've had done has come back clear. I have been referred to mental health who said I have health anxiety and have put me on quetiepine and the waiting list for CBT. I have managed to start eating again but just find myself picking at bits of food. A few days ago I started with dihorea and I noticed it had blood in it so went back to my GP who has asked for another stool sample. I wanted to have a camera down or up to put my mind at rest but she says she can't justify sending me for that. It just seems like everyone's putting it down to anxiety, but I'm not convinced and think it's something more sinister. I have even thought of paying to go private to see if I get any joy doing it that way. I just can't believe that everything that's happening is down to anxiety. Still yellow and still not eatting like i was my life feel like it bin put on hold till i know iv not got cancer .iv not long turned 30 with a loveing family 3 children thst i think i wont see um grow up and my my middle child is disabled am so scared

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I also just turned 30 and going through the SAME thing. I've visited the doctor more times in the last two months than I've ever been. I went to different doctors too lol. It IS health anxiety--I am struggling with the same thing. Believe me--this is anxiety. That's it. As many times as you've been to the doctor, all the tests, etc, something would have shown up. I'm even afraid to take medicine because of bad experiences--you don't seem to have that fear. Thank goodness! If they have you anxiety medication, try it for a little while. And just TRUST that this is anxiety. Health anxiety causes you to change from ailment to another--I drive my husband crazy with it. Not trying to but it's just a bad habit of thinking we are stuck in. I have had this before and overcame it. So it can be overcome again! This bad habit can be overcome! Just accept what the doctors are telling you...float with the anxiety. Speak to it like it's a person. Get angry at it! Tell it that it will NOT take over your life!



It's all what I've felt.

The bathroom thing coukd be IBS

Which is common with anxiety.

I'm the exact way that all the docs in my medical center knew me :(

Hopefully once you start CBT you'll start getting better.

I'm currently doing meditation and it helps but like you I have lil ones and its not always possible.


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