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Hi everyone, got my halter monitor on Tuesday. Its not anywhere as bad as I have heard it was. Kinda wild/comforting knowing that somewhere out there sitting behind a computer screen, some dude's watching my every beat. However, tonight is the first time since Tuesday, that I've had some pains in my chest area. Nothing so bad that I needed to report it to them, but bothersome none-the-less. Gotta wear this for 14 days. Some anxiety tho. Been reading a lot that palpitations are generally an indictation of atrial fibrillation. That scares the crap out of me. Anybody else here have A-Fib? How were you diagnosed? Is there anyway in the world that me coming of the meds I was on that all of this could be nothing more that anxiety related? And not the fact that there is a history of heart disease in my family? Thx in advance...


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6 Replies

  • I had to do a 24 hour halter test twice found nothing wrong. Good old anxiety. My doctor gave me xanax and within 5 days the palpations were gone. Anxiety can be a bugger. Hang in there.

  • I will hon, thanks and good luck to you. :-)

  • I'm dealing with weird heart issues to. It's very scary. My doc put a 24 hr monitor on me. A few days later called me in a panic said my heart rate got up to 203 and was fluttering really bad. They instructed me to go to pharmacy right away and pick up a beta blocker they prescribed to me and refered me to cardiologist the neXT day. I freaked out to say the least.

    Turnes out I have some kind of tychardia and I am still on beta blocker which helps keep my heart rate under control but still not perfect.

    It's very fustrating and scary. I have never had issues with my heart before and all of a sudded this happened. I'm only 30 years old to.

    I hope the best results for you. Good luck but know that your not alone.

  • Wow..thank you so much for sharing this with me. It is VERY scary. I have to wear my heart monitor for another 10 days. But last night was real bad. Panic attack hit me about 2:30 in the morning. Heat rate was about 110. Did you say your heart rate got to 230 honey??? My goodness. I would have been in the ER faster than I could blink. God love ya. I wish you the best as well. Keep me informed on your progress. Btw, what's the name of your beta blocker? They put me on propranolol and the side affects were hell....

  • Don't get worried about 110. That's nothing. Your average resting heart rate is 70-100.

    mine that one day got to 203 I was painting my bathroom at the time. I didn't know it got up that high I just found out when the monitor was on. To be honest it didn't feel that bad.

    I'm on metoprolol. I haven't had to bad of side effects now anyway.

    I take 50 MG twice a day.

  • Thank you so much for letting me know that. If I have to be put on a med, I'm gonna request yours. Try and keep that heart rate down. Take care of you ;-)

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