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Rectal bleeding

**TMI warning**

Ok so ive been to the doctor before about this no more than 2 months ago, he took a look and did a digital rectal exam, said he couldn't feel anything untoward,

But every now and then I'll have what appears to be a substantial amount of fresh blood on the toilet paper, none on or mixed with stool. I can tell before wiping when I'm going to find blood as I feel an ichyness as it happens. But tonight there was even a couple of drips of blood into the bowl as I sat it appears to have stopped now.

Im almost over the anxiety of it being something sinister now but i don't want to waste anyone's time specially not mine if I get seen told the same thing and told to await an appointment for a specialist.

After seeing the doctor a couple months ago he did refer me to colorectal specialists for a further scan to put my mind at ease and im still waiting to hear of an appointment so it shouldnt be long.

So do I worry and phone nhs24 and see what they say or just wait out for my appointment with the specialists

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You get bleeding and itching with piles, so if your doctor has already had a look and found nothing as a layman I would guess you do have piles.

I get bleeding occasionally and did go to the doctor the first time it appeared, and like you he found nothing.

I'm not a doctor of course, and am only commenting my non-medically trained opinion.


I have had external piles before but I do suspect it's either internal piles or a fissure which is opening when straining as its not every time im having a BM.

I just wasn't sure its serious enough to merit immediate attention or whether I'd get away with just waiting for my appointment with specialist



Generally it could be piles or a fissure that is causing the problem, confer with your GP who will try and facilitate an earlier appointment with the hospital clinic.

All I can say is that over the years I have suffered from above and they found I had to use suppositories for a while. Always look for the simple before worrying about a severe problem

Good Luck


Anxiety took over and I phoned nhs24, got an out of hours appointment in an hour hopefully will have a better answer shortly


And thanks for the reply :)


Good Luck


So on visual inspection there was clear sign of piles, bit of a relief


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