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Headrushes?? Anyone get these?

I get head rushes from standing up okay I get that but I also get them when I go to lay down and when I change positions in bed sometimes they are painful other times I loose hearing. Everytime!!

My family says it's my tense muscles

But I know this is dur to blood pressure drop

I asked a doctor before they just shrugged their shoulders :(

Anyone else feel it?? It's when the blood rushes to your head?

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Yeah. I hear that is normal. I wouldn't worry.


You know what for the past few weeks my symptoms have included exactly what your talking about. My hearing has been going in and out feels like pressure and fluid in them at times. I haven't been sleeping at night but cardial clock is all messed up. I wake up in the middle of the night with this weird scary pressure in my brain. A few times it felt like it was going to explode.



Glad to hear someone else knows what I'm talking about! :)

I haven't felt it for a couple of days now. I guess my family was right it was the tension I had on my neck and shoulders now that it's loosened up I haven't experienced it.

Maybe you have tense upperback neck?


Yes lol! Intense is my middle name! I am a very muscle tensed person. I believe its because I am very fragile. I hurt very easily and so it is a coping mechanism for me but when your tense up all the time i guess that also has consequences. My tensity is mainly in my chest, the sternum part and my arms. I'll sometimes have anxiety because my muscle will get tired and I'll assume some cardiac event is taking place. I am still learning to relax but it hard when you've been tense all your life!


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