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Does anyone know techniques in combatting this horrible phobia? I hate it and it is ruining my life. Now small things like indegestion scare me. And when I say scare, I mean sitting on the bed and panicking and trying to find pepto or something to take for it!

This is the root of my anxiety. After five months, I have found what scares me and the irony is that I never cared when I was a child. I used to think it sucked because I only recall getting sick in three memories, as I was rarely sick and when I was, would get sick once and then be completely fine. I was seven when I found out that people could actually get sick more than once and I recall thinking how strange and unfortunate that was for them! Then I had

food poisoning at age 11. Handled that fine. What triggered my anxiety was when my sister was sick and I got concerned that i would catch it.

Never did.

So now, i panic over every small stomach thing and feel really physically bad and I know people can overcome this. And I am dying to. Any techniques at all? I have a huge fear of losing control and getting sick in front of people. Now I am anxious in my own house and I dont even understand why. I dont know the root of the root. :/

And my entire family is extremely healthy, as in, my dad has never had the flu since he was 19. My mom hasnt been sick since the time I had food poisoning with her (where she only got sick once, and I twice), and same with my brother. Im in constant panic mode and I have no idea how to turn the stupid fear off.

I just find it super ironic that when I was little, I took it lightly! My mom even said that once, after I got sick, I asked if I could now go play with a friend since I felt fine :/

What. The. Heck.

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i know exactly how you feel noone knows how this phobia affects you dont know the answer but you arent on your own some days can be ok then your back to square one we have to make our minds know we are in control mm


Yeah, i mean, logically we can say it is a dumb fear, but that does not stop many from being afraid. :/


I`ve always been the same. With me it`s about control & not looking foolish in front of other people, plus when I was sick as a child, I never understood why it happened, it just seemed to come out of the blue, & that`s terrifying for a small child.


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