iBS rib pain help!

The GP has basically told me I have IBS but still awaiting blood test to confirm, but this is all new to me all these pains in my stomach varying from stabbing to burning prickling aching, And it's been radiating to my lower back and shoulder blades but the thing that's scaring me is pain on my lower right rib seems to be persistent when I eat a lot or when I breathe sometimes :-( I'm scared and haven't felt right for a long time feel as if my GP isn't helping enough is anyone else going through this? I'm always worried the pains going to hospitalise me :-(


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  • Im so sorry your feeling this way let's hope u will get some answerd in your test wat are you taking now for the pain

  • :-(thank you, i'm not taking anything at the moment, just been trying to eat better but all these Pains keep getting worse. I don't know what to do for relief

  • Do some research on ibs and see if u can find some natural home remedies and just try to relax ibs is one of the symptoms triggered with anxiety anxiety can cause many problems with the digestive system

  • Thank you for your time and advice!

  • Hi

    I dealt with this earlier this year :(

    If you are not allergic and it does not interact with any current medications: Ginger tea.

    It's helped loads and dunno if it's in my head but after 2 days it was a huge difference.

    Usually acid reflux goes along with IBS. That would explain the pain in between the shoulder blades

  • Have you ever try acupuncture or reiki? I heard it works. I am doing acupuncture 3x a week and it's really helping with my anxiety. Also, try ginger tea. Do an allergy test to see if you're allergic to anything you eat. I hope you feel better. God will heal you

  • I am sorry that you're having all the stomache trouble I've been to the er and gi doctor with almost the same symptoms my stomache feels like its bloated after I eat I got so bad that I could not eat or drink because I was afraid that I was gonna get that bloaty feeling and it makes my chest feel tight then in return make it feel like I could not breathe both my sides and lower stomache hurt it starts in right side and moves around in my lower back like you said they have done blood work numerous times checked my gall bladder now I have a colonoscopy this week good luck with your symptoms hope they get better for you mine has been going on for a month makes me feel nautious feel weak hurt all over it pretty bad

  • Thanks for the responses everyone!

    Yeah I will be sure to try that ginger tea, willing to try anything if it'll help! Yeah I'm going to look into acupuncture my body just feels so tense and full of aches and pains all the time! That's great that these things have helped you both!.. Thank you, yeah that sounds a lot like what I'm experiencing its getting to the point were I really don't enjoy eating anymore and I love my food! :-( almost been a month for me too its a nightmare ! Good luck with everything hope all goes well for you too!

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