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Heart rates

What is your resting heart rate? And what will it get up to when your not resting?

My resting heart rate is noreally around the mid 80's, like 84- 85. I will check it during the night and first thing in the morning before I get out of bed and it is 85 or so.

During the day if I'm up and around sometimes it will be around 114 - 120.

I am on a beta blocker currently 50 MG twice a day. My heart rate got out of control for a while.

I have noticed it has gone up a little recently though and I just strated taking metformin for insulin issues and glucose problems. ( low blood sugar )

But to be honest I have these weird symptoms and my doctors don't really know what's wrong with me I think they are just trying things.

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My in bed heart rate is mid 60s

Sitting 70s

Standing 80-90s

Walking about doing chores 100s

It could be your getting used to the meds and starting to get around it.

Try finding A second opinion for your healths benefit.

Hope things get sorted ou


My heart rate is constantly in the 90s and above. Today it went up to 140 I got really dizzy and couldn't catch my breath this keeps happening dunno what's wrong with me


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