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Lately I've had so many anxiety attacks some worst than others but Ive realize i can control it and that has relaxed me. I had an attack at my family doctor and before i left they said they didnt want me to go if I was having anxiety attacks or anything related to that. Im fine but ive been feeling so fatigue and weak lately i cant seem to understand why thats happening.

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So sorry your feeling this way sometimes anxiety comes in a cycle some days u have it and some days your fine so its a cycle. What u need to do is try to get some well needed rest it can wear u out the ungoing cycle so u need to rest.


hi alex, how do you control your anxiety? please share. what relaxes you , man.


Relaxing is though but if you can become calm then youll relax my strategy of closing my eyes in silence and just breathing deep and breathing out has help me stop my anxiety because i focus on the breathing only and i imagine the anxiety leaving the body


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