No responsibility

Hi I've been at my job nearly 3 months and just because am not qualified feel like I'm given no we have this walk to go on to collect children from other building and because there were a lot another person had to go and basically it was between me and this person who has just started and the supervisor said take the obe who just started this week because she's qualified and am really pissed off with no responsibility


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  • Give time do not worry,

  • Thankyou

  • Invisible2014,

    I'm sorry that your supervisor is treating you this way. Just keep doing what you are told and show yourself capable. Your time will come. Best of luck to you my friend!

  • Aww thankyou

  • As a supervisor, perhaps you should look at it from a different perspective.Had the supervisor sent you alone and something bad would have happened; He/She would have been in trouble as there was someone available with qualification. The results could have ended thier career possibly, more. It is very easy to miss the bigger picture in situations like this. I can tell you that I have been accused of having favorites etc. However, that was not the case, I try to match the skills of a person to the job that needs done. There are also times where a employee goes above and beyond their duties, I reward them for that. As the saying goes: Take care of; What takes care of you.

  • Hi thankyou the only thing is before I have the walk loads

  • It may be helpful if your supervisor knows that you want more responsibility. Ask them, they may give you something small but give it time and do your best.

  • Keep doing your best and show that you are willing and eager to learn If you have a chance talk to your line manager about how you feel and perhaps ask if you could be given a little more responsibility. Perhaps have some ideas of things you might like to do like a particular activity. There are very strict rules about ratios and what qualified and unqualified staff can do. Perhaps ask if you could go another time.


  • Thank you very much for your reply and your help

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