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Nystatin mouth rinse make anyone else nauseated?

Hey guys, struggling a bit today with symptoms like I have been for the last two weeks with first the cold and now the mouth yeast. Has anyone taken Nystatin mouth rinse for mouth thrush? Did it make you nauseated and tummy discomfort? Or is it the thrush causing it? I have MAJOR health anxiety so for me, taking medicine and having this ailment is making me face some fears. Now, I've not been able to eat like I want to since my tongue is still sensitive to certain foods and I was told to avoid breads and sugars. (That eliminates of a lot of food options lol!) I will say that I have been obsessed with Google and researching first the cold, then the thrush and the medicine side effects, etc. I have constant dry throat/mouth...especially over night. But even more alarming to me, I've been SO weak and tired! And last night, I kept waking up to numb arms--so I began worrying my body was shutting down or something. I couldn't eat a good dinner once again because of my tongue and felt like I had a lump in the throat (the lump is gone this morning so I'm hopeful that was just an anxiety lump that made it feel as if I couldn't swallow food.) I just had blood work done a few days ago and everything came back normal. My husband, Mom and best friend keep telling me it's just anxiety and stress that is making me feel so weak, tired and upset at the stomach. I must say that my mouth has improved since I began the Nystatin 4 days ago. I have just been worrying I may have an allergic reaction to it, or the thrush is taking over my body, or what if I have a relapse with the cold and get sick again with that, will the hard stomach and nausea ever go away? Will I be able to sleep well again? Will I ever feel back to normal again? My husband and Mom took Google off my phone so I only have access to this anxiety forum and stuff like FB but as far as being able to search the Internet, I don't have that ability now--they said I was obsessed with researching symptoms and side effects and thrush all day long and that it was fueling the fire. I'm having withdrawals lol. I feel like I need to research what I'm feeling to get relief I am okay. I really feel if I can just completely get over the oral thrush, and eat normal and sleep normal, I would feel better again. I've learned my lesson on having anxiety over everything else in life that I was. I just want a day with no stomach ailment, no sickness or fear of it and to enjoy food again--to enjoy life again. Have any of you been through something like this before? Have any of you had oral thrush before?


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