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Since my anxiety I've been afraid to drink alcohol? I haven't had a proper drink in weeks, and when I do I think the worse is gong to happen to me, silly I know but it's how I feel, me and my husband are going Cuba next month to an all inclusive 2 weeks in Cuba, and I'm scared of avin any alcohol and it spoiling my lovely honeymoon,does anybody else get this or had this?i don't want to get legless, I'm not a big drinker anyway but a couple of cocktails is enough for me and Im scared of avin that, everytime I think about it my anxiety comes through :( please help xxxx

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Hi Melanie, I quit drinking for that reason and haven't touched a drink since.

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You're fearing something though, try to figure out what it is you fear about the drinking. Don't worry things will get better, just know you're not alone in how you feel.


Me too, ive quit drinking and even smoking. I did have some beers over some milestones or achievements and it felt okay I guess . I'm saying okay is because my fear of having more migraine and vision changes, to which is ever evolving anyways


This is what's baffling me,I'm not sure if it's because I haven't had a drink for so long since my anxiety I'm abit worried on how it's going to make me feel. Also before I had anxiety I realised that I was drinkin less n less, when I was going out it was as if I was going off alcohol ( which isn't like me) n now I'm scared of touching the stuff. I don't want this anxiety taking over more of my life as it already is x


DON'T mix your drinks lol .. it's been 3 days and my anxiety is so bad and am still do dehydrated it's the last hen nytI'll be at lol n e one else experience this ? ... I normally have a glass of wine or a couple 😂 half of it with water and u won't get a hangover ur still hydrating urself .. hope that helps x


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