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Does this help you?

Hi Everyone,

I have been debating for a very long time now, whether to do a blog post on my condition. (I have my own blog which is currently just towards fashion but want to start writing about more serious topics) I am an emetophobe but have anxiety and depression too and i thought sharing my experience and explaining my symptoms and giving advice in a post would maybe help other people?

Does reading others stories and experiences help you to feel more 'normal'? I always used to think i was the only one and found reading others stories very helpful and reassuring. I have faced a few challenges and overcome some obstacles so far in my life and wrote a mini biography/story of my condition and wondered if anyone would be interested in reading?

Please note this is not for attention purposes, i have been a member of this site for a while and i really enjoy writing back to people on here and trying to help. I was just wondering if reading my story would be of any benefit to any of you? Of course this is a very confidential piece of writing but i feel that by people opening up it raises awareness of mental health and maybe encourages others to do the same.

Let me know what you think , i'm very open about my condition and happy to help. I'm sure a lot of you are experiencing very similar symptoms like myself! :)

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Hi Deedee,

I would like to hear your story.

As for posting and connecting with others I find it helps a great deal, we all have a story to share, all suffer with anxiety/depression etc. At times you feel you are the only one who feels like this, so it is good to share.


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Hi I just want 2 know how do I make a profile pic lol


i'm not sure sorry, but that's not really relevant to my post? I'm really trying to help people here!


I am afraid of getting sick, too. The fear came out of the blue.


Hi , I think we all have story to tell and want to help other by the experience we gained from our conditions. I think personally that if we tell our stories and give other people hope then even if yuk can help few you should do it . Before I got sick I never would check on this kind of forum or any forum . The people that co,e here are like myself going through sometimes and want advise or help

Good luck


I think sharing your story is a very generous gesture on your part. Not many people are willing to share their story. Society has embedded in our minds nothing but negative opinions of those suffering from mental illness. When in fact we are just as normal as the rest of society who suffer from other illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart problems, etc and deserve to be treated fairly and with compassion.

I look forward to reading your story!!



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