Painful mole

First time ive posted here after reading so many others.

Ive been suffering from pretty bad anxiety/hypochondria related to cancer for some time now. I have calm spells when all is well and no symptoms present themselves. Ive gone from being convinced i had testicular cancer (painful testicle), brain tumor(headaches), bowel/colon cancer (mild rectal bleeding) and now ive got a painful spot, a spot im not even sure was a mole originally. The pain just appeared suddenly over night and im convinced in my head its skin cancer, all other symptoms ive gone to the doctor with and nothing came of any of them but once you get channeled into that way of thinking its hard to break it.

I know logically thinking its a possibility but unlikely and im finding it hard to calm down. even the period between now and going to see a doctor, if i do, is unbearable


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  • Funny thing about stress, we can reason with it but it doesn't listen to logic. Please stay away from Dr. Google. You find doom and gloom all over the place, even TV. Stay positive and talk to people that support you, such as here. Stress is a coping mechinism, it's too bad we don't don't have a coping mechinism for that coping mechinism. But, the fact that many are overly sensitive to our body and it's pains; we are normally better at catching any illness before it becomes serious. So keep that in mind, worse case is you will catch issues early enough to be cured.

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