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Is it possible to seriously have anxiety like all the time, I wake up and worry about my breathing or heart beat and rhythm. Does my anxiety affect how my breathing and heart act up? I feel like these new symptoms pop up, I freak out, look up the symptoms online and just worry. I have weird heart beats, I'll walk up the steps my heart will beat faster then randomly go slow again. I just don't know, anyone else go through this intense anxiety?

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Yes, I wake frequently and cannot go back to sleep because I can't get thoughts of the days troubles out of my mind, and they are always worse in my mind than in reality. Chest pain and sometimes breathing is effected. On these days I usually feel completely exhausted in the afternoon from lack of sleep and worry. Then repeat the process. I found that staying awake untill an appointed time, helps. This regulates your schedule. It seemed as if once I did this my bodies cycle caught up and I have been sleeping until morning. I do still have pain in my chest but it's usually related to a stressful situation. These things have helped some so Im passing it along. I hope it helps you too.

Oh, and another thing, stay away from the internet as much as possible. There is a lot of bad info out here and anyone with medical training will not post any information specific enough for a self diagnosis. WebMD is the worst. Think of it as Wikipedia where you have no way to know for sure if the info is legit or if some geek with a chip on their should decided to screw with people.


OH and also try to steer clear of those Doctor and medical shows on TV....

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Yes. anxiety is effected by the way we think. The brian is a very powerful tool and by thinking you have something it's will suddenly appear, or you can be become fixed on one thing and that will become a huge issue. I would go and have a chat to your doctor. They will give all the right answers you are looking for, or alliviate your anxieties a bit. I was suffering from severe anxiety attacks and It took a whole load of professionals to make me see sense. Also I found talking was a great help. Do not look on the internet for answers but I'd say phone nhs direct if you need GOOD advice.. They know what they are taking about. take care.


Absolutely, I have anxiety all the time. I still live my life forcefully because I don't want to give in to it. Its very scary because I jolt out of my sleep or gasp in my sleep like I'm losing my breath. I have bouts of apnea when I'm half awake, which is very scary. I have to stop googling symptoms because I am driving myself crazy. Best wishes to you. You are not alone.


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