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Anxiety is getting worse

For as long as I can remember I have been terrified of getting a terminal illness, I am constantly on symptom checker looking up various symptoms. Every slight pain I get sends me into complete panics that sometimes keep me awake all night crying. I've recently had a lot of trouble with lower tummy pain and vaginal pain, I've been to several doctors but none of them can complete a speculum examination because it causes me an unbearable amount of pain. This has made me fear the worst and the worry of having cervical cancer is on my mind all day every day. Also recently I have developed a fear of being near anyone or being in contact with anyone with any type of cold or sick bug, I have asthma and a terrible digestive system so react badly to both. But I'm constantly washing my hands when around someone who is ill. Other anxieties seem to have got so much worse in the last few months as well, I struggle to leave the house alone because people always seem to stare at me. We have had lots of builders in our house recently and when they are there I can't even leave my bedroom because of a fear of having to communicate with them. I find it so difficult to order in a restaurant now or ask for anything in a shop and I constantly worry that my partner no longer loves me. And (as ridiculous as it sounds) that my hamster will die. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with any of these?

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I would recommend not looking on any symptom checker as all it does is full your anxiety. what might be useful is looking in to relaxation techniques. I think several people on this site use headspace. perhaps going to see your doctor and asking what they suggest to reduce the anxiety. I try to exercise regularly and have lavender baths.

Hope this helps



I agree with Mysteryreader; stay away from the symptom checker. Each and every person is different. (Not everyone has the same exact symptom with illnesses.) I have been through what you are doing and if you don't stop and get ahold of yourself it can get totally out of control. Everytime I seen a cancer center of america commercial I would sware that I had it. You can even amagine the symptoms up in your head. Cancer runs in my family; my mother had breast cancer and all five of her sisters also. You can amagine why I figured I would be apart of the curse. I no longer google any of my symptoms because that will only make your anxiety 10× worse. Anxiety will make you feel so many different aches and pains that you would'nt even amagine. Try to remind yourself that your healthy, its only anxiety, and talk to your doctor and see what other options or techniques that might be available to help ease the pain during a pap. It seems that they should be able give you some topicle lidocaine or injection to numb the sensitive area. Good Luck with everything and your in my prayers!


Hi... I've felt like this before. You need to stop and tell your self it just anxiety. You will be fine and get thru whatever your going thur. Think positive always , u control the anxiety , don't let this fearful anxiety control your life . You can win this I did it so can u. I've learned to control mine. Prayer helped me heal all the heartache and fear I have . I have social anxiety as well. It's OK to be different as I am. Just be positive about everything , even though it's hard to think this way , u just have to to better yourself and your loved ones that surround u . Don't lose faith think positive. ..everything will be ok... :)


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