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Will I ever feel better?

I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis in May which lasted a couple of week's.After that I was much better,still a little dizzy but much better.Anyway 7 week's ago it all started again and it looked like the Labyrinthitis had returned but I was getting worse and worse.I had no energy,very weak,exhausted,shaky and heart pounding.Thing's escalated on Friday where I was pacing up and down and all the symptoms indicate a panic attack.I ended up at the hospital on Sunday night as for 4hours I was constantly shaking and I could not bring myself down.This is not me at all.I feel like Iam going crazy and loosing my mind.I have a young daughter and my own business and I feel like a failure as I feel this is holding me back doing stuff with my daughter that we would usually do.I just don't think I will ever get better and need someone to talk to :(

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Your not alone, I've had anxiety for a while, just last night I was lying flat on the floor in an all out panic thinking I was dying, but just like all the other times I wasn't. It's a normal body response. When you panic you release adrenaline and then your body gets hot and you sweat but that's just a natural body process for dealing with all the adrenaline. Plus if you get dizzy it's because your breathing in to much oxygen. I would suggest seeing a councillor. It's helping me apart from the odd blip but also try googling Mood Juice, it's a website that explains anxiety and other things and it will make you so relieved that it's just a natural body response. I cried of relief and felt better after reading what the had to say. Hope it helps :)


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