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1year later

Ok, so its been a year since I was told I have health anxiety and IBS

For many months all was going well, I've tried to stay off here and the internet in general, but in the last few days, all I can think about is Cancer again.

Doesn't help that on TV, papers, internet, buses, shops its Stand up to cancer, or race for life Etc Etc.....

Then today on Facebook I see a lady younger than me (I'm 34) has died from Colon Cancer!

I'm still not sure I have IBS, doctors have done nothing but felt my stomach. oh and gave me some lansoprazole, 30mg then 15mg.

But I still get this feeling of trapped wind (mainly at night in Bed, or days where my BM are small and I feel like its just sitting there (Sorry)

I don't get blood in BM (not that I can see)

I don't or haven't had diarrhea for years

I'm not crippling over in pain

Defo not losing weight

Feel tired but that's just because I have 3 kids under 6 and don't sleep great.

I don't want to go to the doctors again for the 7th or 8th time and I don't want it to ruin Christmas this time. (Wife would kill me)

Is it just a form of IBS?

if it was something more sinister, would it of got worse by now?

Are the doctors not willing to listen because I'm 34 and they don't think its likely at my age?

Sorry if this seems like a repeat of my previous posts its just I need to talk


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I don't know about that lady, but colon cancer before 50 is rare. Also, for colon cancer to cause gas, it would need to completely block the bowel, which sounds very unlikely. Anyway, the only reliable way to exclude/confirm diagnosis is to have a colonoscopy.

There are many other more common causes that can cause bowel symptoms, by far the most common ones are related to foods you eat. Constipation can make bloating worse.

Eating a lot of foods high in soluble fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and legumes can cause excessive gas.

Here is a detailed list of foods high in soluble fiber

Other common causes of bloating are lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption and celiac disease but again, excluding certain foods you suspect may be the cause for few days may help.


We worry because we have kids. It is normal. We just want to be here for them and see them grow up. Cancer is everywhere but it does not mean you have it. You have to trust in your doctor a little. If you don't, find another. All this worry we do makes us die a thousand deaths. We only have to die once. We all do. No one is exempt. So I tell myself why worry? We are born with our expiration date, nothing we can do about it. But this I realize, all this worry takes away from our children. Keep busy with them. I played a game of kickball with mine yesterday, bad back and all! God has a plan for us all. Trust in Him. It will all be ok. IBS is very uncomfortable. It runs in my family. You are fine. Accept that and go play with the kiddos! Thinking of you


Ibs can cause allsorts of symptoms. I have it. Trapped or frequent smelly wind is common and causes bloating. Try to keep a food diary notice if your symptoms change with different meals it could help narrow it down and avoid cabbages broccoli cauliflower green peppers sprouts pulses baked beans for sure. Chilli and milk products can have a bad effect too. Though we are told fruit and veg is good for us it isn't always the case lol. Have you tried mint capsules from the doctor ?


I have these on order for collection tomorrow.

I hope these help as it's making me depressed.


hi mckean,

anxiety can trigger all your symptoms and fears.

to stop the fears do the full blood, urine and faeces test at GP. just to eliminate physical issues.

you may still fear for your health,

but then it would be uncontrollable fears in a mind,

it's good that you are not on a facebook, try to eliminate general negativity along with smocking, drinking alcohol, swearing etc

how do you use your creativity?



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