Is this normal?

Hey ive been doing not too bad since lately. Working on that acceptance thing. But i realized that the news gives me anxiety. Anytime i hear of bad news regarding heart attacks,cancer sudden death etc. I just go in instant panic. I"ll be like i know am next. Its worse wen the person gets admitted or dies from similar or same symptoms that i have experienced. Its bad enough i feel like am dying is this normal though? Y does it happen? Am sure it cause from anxiety cause this never happened before i got anxiety.


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  • Yeah unfortunatly is normal i used to have it all the time and i still do at times but now that ive been checked over and over i just convinced my self that its just in my head docs said im ok i used to get it when i heared someone got sick or the news someone died of something i thought i was next specially with my health condition but its just in us to find a way that wont let us think is coming after us

  • Thanks for ur reply. I heard that someone drop down anddie (not sure of wat) but i usually feel like i will drop down and die makes me scared

  • Unfortunately its part of out anxiety for example me i always have had a fast heart rate i always thought I would have a heart Attack until i got my heart checked i did have a problem but im taken meds for it and had a ablation but for the first month i thought i was going to have a heart attack everytime my heart raced now i dont panic because i tell myself the docs say im ok i dont know if my story helps u

  • Yes thanks. I'll try

  • Hi rushaine its horrible i know but anxiety can make theses things very worrying ! If you have a understanding doctor he or she will be able to put your mind at rest ! Ive had to go to my doctor several times due to health anxieties ive had since i had a brain anuerysum two years ago for a while i was convinced i was having another one but the doctor said this was highly unlikely and said it was tension headaches proberlly caused by the anxiety ! Have you tried relaxation or something like it ! I do hope you get well soon please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on ! Take care david !

  • This is normal, as humans we are in tune with each other and we tend to place ourselves in "other peoples shoes". We are emotional creatures, be sure to get frequent health checks, either semi-annual or annually. Many issues such as heart attacks, cancer, and so forth, when caught early enough are treatable and avoidable. I would book a physical exam ASAP to place your mind at ease. The only way to be healthy is to monitor your health as if it is any other routine check (dentist appointments, eye exams, etc).

    Invest in preventative measures (eating healthy, exercising, stress reduction meditation, etc) and you will be on your way to a long healthy life.

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