Sleepless nights

Ughhh it's nearly half 2 in the morning I can't sleep my heart is racing non stop!!!!! It's so fast iv tried eveeything to slow it down but it's not happening!!! i feel like my hearts skipping and jumping all over the place it's really distressing :(((( I take propranolol which is suppose to slow the heart rate down and stop the palpations why ain't this working , why is my heart racing so fast feels like it's coming out my chest and I can't breath right I wasn't even feeling anxious :(


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  • Hey

    Splashing cool water or drinking ice cold water when this happens.

    And try to see if you can have your appointment with your cardiologist ASAP tell them how the atenolol is just not helping you

  • you might have to change medications. I take Nadolol 20 mg for SVT. i still have episodes. the medicine will not "cure" the palpitations.... it will make you have palpitations less often.... btw! you don't have to be anxious or depressed to have palpitations, they come on their own.. :) I hope that relieves some stress. also bear down like you're taking a bowel movement and it should stop the palpitations... if that s

    doesn't work try dunking your face in a big bowl of ice water. if that doesn't help, do all different things like hanging upside down.. trust me I've tried EVERYTHING a for my palpitations:) sometimes i just have to wait it out... goodluck Kaylala! it will all be okay!

  • This is like reading something I would put myself!! It's absolutely awful when it's pounding like that. What mg propranalol are you taking?. Mines just been put from 80mg to 160mg ( there sustained release capsules) and it's certainly done the trick. I used to take a 40 mg tablet and it made no difference at all. But now stupidly I have a heart rate monitor on my phone and it says my pulse is 50 bPM, so now I'm a little anxious that it's that slow it's just gonna stop......... can't win, but at least I feel calm!. See you gp. Hope you get sorted out cos it is a terrifying experience but your not alone x

  • Hi Kaylala, you poor thing. I had this for almost 4 years and almost every single night. You say you wasn't even anxious but then did the feeling of your heart then make you anxious which then created a viscious circle? That's what used to happen to me. Then I learnt to accept that my heart was racing and I just relaxed and let the anxiety float over me. Initially the feeling of anxiety gets a bit stronger and then it just subsides. That's what I found anyway and I concentrated on deep breaths, breathing through my stomach not my chest and when I actually timed my heart rate I found it wasn't going as fast as what I thought. It is horrible though when it happens.

  • I totally understand how you feel it's 340 in the morning we're I'm at and my heart is racing in my chest also but I've learned over the years to realize that it's my brain. just playing a cruel game on me it's scary but I know that if I ride the wave I know that it will end and I will be better so please m just remember that it's your brain just acting like a idiot (lol) and making you feel and over react to everything around you and heighten your senses, if you just ride it out I promise it will make you a stronger person

  • Thankyou everyone for all your comments means so much! ATLEAST I'm not on my own:( sorry about all of you going through it! I'm on 80mg propranolol. Iv just woke up and I'm having palpations again I'm scared I'm going to die :( can you from palpations x

  • Sometimes a shower or bath can help for a bit... I feel for you.

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