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Choking fear!

Hi everyone just wondering to anyone who is struggling with there anxiety do any of you have problems with swallowing food. Mine started a few months back when I got a tablet stuck in my throat since then I have to take either very small tablets or ones that melt on the tongue. But my problem is it's getting to a stage where when I'm eating anything I have to chew for ages coz I've got a fear it will lodge in my throat and il choke. Il never let anxiety win but any tips for how I can relax when I'm eating. Thanks

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Hi Lynne.

I don't have this problem,and to be honest I don't know how you can deal with it.

Have you been to see your doctor about this or maybe dome relaxation technics could be useful to you ,there are quite a few you can download.

Sorry if this isn't much help,just wanted you to know I've read your post,and sending hugs xxx

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I have had this problem from time to time for many years. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find an adequate solution except to stop eating and try to relax, even to a meditative like state. It's the only thing that works for me and I've come to accept it as part of my anxiety even though it's completely irrational. Sorry, I know that's not very reassuring but it's honest.

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Hi Lynne, I have had this problem for years.

I cannot take tablets without chewing them first. I also have problems with food, and i am very anxious about anything getting stuck in my throat. My problems started as a teenager (I'm in my 50's now!), when I first started with panic attacks. Fear of choking is an awful feeling to have. I wish you well that you can overcome it.


Hi thanks to everyone who replied,I'm going to speak to my doctor on Friday and see if maybe I need a different medication,I'm on propanolol and maybe there's a better anxiety drug out there that can reduce my symptoms like the choking sensation etc,I've woke up today thinking ok as much as I might have bad days I won't let this anxiety control my life,I know it's all about distractions but very hard when you feel like there's a fight in your head with one side ramping your anxiety up and the other side telling you to stay calm and ignore how you feel.x


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