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I have been having a really bad week with being lightheaded, brain fog and just not feeling right. I have not been able to drive since Saturday and just not doing well at all. I went to a ear nose and throat doctor yesterday. He did a little exam and said that I should have a mri done. But I also went to a neurologist for the first time this morning also and he did some tests on me and said there was no reason to do mri. I had a CT scan last year and said that would have showed anything. Also I passed a my tests. So he gave me a medicine for dizziness. I am so supposed to take that once a day. I am really hoping this will help.

I really need to get my life back at least enough to be able to function and drive again.

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Hi sorry to hear what your going through I too have the same symtoms as you and have not been able to drive or go anywhere fir the past year,dizziness is life disabling ,may I ask what medication you've been given I've been told mine is anxiety x


The medicine he put me on is meclizine 25mg. He said anything less then 25 MG won't do anything. I'm taking 1 every night for 2 weeks to see how I feel. Then going back to him in 2 weeks.

I took my first one yesterday and I think it did help. The hard thing with me is my symptoms come and go through out the day. I did drive my son to school this morning.

I am really hoping that this helps.

My doctor said that if this doesn't help he has something else he will try me on. He also said for me to think about getting on a birth control pill that makes it so I don't get a period every month. My symptoms get so much worse during that time of the month.

Hope this info helps and I hope you get feeling better soon also.

Take care


Thank you I will ask my doctor,has your doctor said what is wrong with you ?


He didn't seem to know exactly. He said that he has seen stuff like this before they just can't put there finger right on what it is exactly. He said he did find a medication that works pretty good for it. He hasn't put me on that yet he wanted to see if this one works first and if not he would try that. From what it sounded like the other one has some anxiety meds in it. I am thinking about calling him tomorrow because my anxiety has been really bad today. I've been at work all day and I keep feeling it and that makes me lightheaded when standing.

I want so bad to get better and find something that takes this feeling away all the time. Even if I have to stay on it the rest of my life.


You might want to see a therapist to see what lies behind those non medical problems. You are not alone.


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