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Need Support Badly- Please Help :(

Hi there. Had bad panic disorder about 13 years ago. Got through it with CBT and meds.. Fast forward to now... Was laid off over 2 years ago, been struggling to get back into the economy due to the downturn. Was diagnosed with asthma recently and started an inhaler. That gave me my first panic attack. Since then, I've switched treatments, but am suffering with concentration on breathing and GAS in my belly to the point where it feels like I have a basketball in my stomach. That in itself affects my breathing even more. Started on Celexa again (I used to take it 13 years ago). This time, I feel like it is giving me side effects (Horrible gas, agitation, confusion, breathing laboring, awful thoughts). Since I took it already in the past, perhaps this is temporary.

Please, if someone can talk to me as I try and fight breathing issues AND panic at the same time, I would appreciate it. I'm really upset and live in New York City. Perhaps someone can make themselves available to me. I just want to be OK and I feel like I don't know what portion of my constant state of agitation is anxiety or medicinal side effects... GOD bless everyone :(

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Hi. Hope you're managing enough to talk. If so, go ahead. Your talking to someone who's still suffering the way you are and if I can help or even suggest anything to you......?

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