So I started anxiety late may of this year. The first time it hit me that I actually noticed it was when I was sitting on the couch. Out of nowhere I felt like I was going to die right then. I didn't understand it. I have lived with this anxiety literally everyday. I have some server ones, like right now im having a bad one. I haven't had a real bad one in weeks till now. I have a headache, light headed, vision change. I don't know anymore. I think I have a brain anyrusms tumor. I dont know. My blood pressure has always been great always till I took it 4 days ago it changed to 124/77 im freaked out because of that. Sometimes my ears get plugged or I get shooting pains in my ears and head that only last 2 seconds still scary as he'll. I feel like im going crazy . I try to talk myself out of it but it's hard. I Google everything. I will sometimes when im brave enough google about brain anyrusms( thats my biggest fear)and read all that junk and then it haunts me later on. I just want to learn to cope with this. I want to not hAve a over active mind anymore. Any advice would be great or if someone could message me that goes through this


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  • Hi

    Firstly your blood pressure is bang on so you can stop worrying about that. Mine was 160/110 now that is high but i take BP tablets now for it. I have been off work for 5 months with anxiety had it for over 40 yrs on and off it has controlled me and I have always managed to hide it. But to be honest I don't care who knows now its what I have and I have to get on with it. I have started looked at mindfullness which is of some help but CBT is great and you can do it online. If we could all just manage to not give a dam and accept everything that came our way we would not be suffering. Well I am doing my best to control this awful anxiety instead of it controlling me. Good luck Trish x

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